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Ignite Night Program

Our Elementary and Jr High School assembly programs are designed to bring out the best in every student. We focus on relevant topics such as; Bullying & Cyber Bullying, Self Esteem, Dreams & Goals, Substance Abuse and Overcoming Life's Obstacles. Our programs are energetic and crowd engaging. We use feats of strength to capture the attention of the audience and share life stories to empower every student.


Our High School assemblies have been known as "The realest talk your kids will every receive"

Dr Tim Richards, San Tan High Principle Az.

We bring real life into your school. We pride ourselves on having on of the most transparent programs out there. We share our real life successes and failures including relationship reality, the real world, business and finance, and even personal and physical abuse. A program that will empower your students and inspire them to be the best!


Our night program is one of the greatest experiences your school can have. We perform a media driven program that will shock and awe your community. Imagine watching people snap baseball bats, break walls of concrete, snap hand cuffs and even bend 1/2 inch steel in their teeth! Then share a profound message of encouragement to all your students and parents. Our program on average with a one day assembly and same day promotion hand outs to the students draws over 300 parents and students a night. Tie this event in with your most important fund raiser or parent night and you will have record attendance.


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Ignite has been performing school assemblies across the US for over 5 years and has been recognized as the best assembly program by countless school districts.

Our programs are funded by our partner program. We allow parents and teachers to partner with our program for $10 a month to help us continue this amazing program.

For more info please call or e mail our office and we will get back to you as soon as we are available.

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