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Who Are We?

We are a group of professional athletes, business men and women, entreupernours, mothers and fathers, keynote speakers and teachers that have come together to empower the next generation to become what their heart desires. We believe that there is a seed of potential in every student that can develop into the traits and character needed to overcome and conquer any mountain in life. We are dedicated to helping students believe in themselfes once again.

We have more team members that travel on a case to case basis as well as our three team leaders above.

Empowering Students To Change The World
One City, One School, One Student At A Time

About Us

Our Mission

At Ignite Assemblies our goals are very simple. We want to empower the next generations to overcome lifes harshest realities through strong character and a strong belief that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. We believe that if we are able to empower students to believe in who they are by embracing their identity then we can make a difference and equip students with the things they need to succeed in and out of school. We are on a mission to create a safe atmosphere for students through our Conflict Resolution Initiative that focuses on root issues of bullying. We do not believe that getting kids in trouble will solve the bullying problem, we need to be willing to help students find the root of their insecurities in an effort to helping them change their actions. Our anti suicide and suicide awareness program has been described as "One of the most impacting presentations ever heard." Mrs Williams, Southwest Detention High School Las Vegas.  Our goal is to equip students at a young age to handle adversity in a way that does not affect their self esteem in a negative way. Together we can make a difference to impact students nation wide One City, One School, One Student at a time.


Within every student there lies a seed of potential to radically change the world we live in. They have the ability to overcome the highest mountains and to accomplish anything they put their minds towards. The problem is they don't believe that to be true.


We have the opportunity and responsibility to empower all students with the skills and beliefs needed to succeed. Together we can once again teach them to believe in themselves.

Our Programs


JR High

High School

Our Elementary school programs is all about encouraging students to believe that they can accomplish their goals and dreams in life. We have a lot of fun performing feats of strength to keep their attention (Like bending steel bars) and using fun crowd participation skits and stories to get our message across. to the students.

Statistics show that by the time a student reaches eigth grade 80% of them will have been offered drugs and alcohol and over 60% will say yes. This is an epidemic that has to be addressed. We have geared our Jr High assemblies towards the real life issues these students face. Drugs & Alcohol, Bullying, Depression, Self Esteem, Goals & Dreams and how to develop the character of a leader. Our assembly is sure to inspire your students to overcome and be proud to live above the influience.

Our High School assemblies are geared towards the next steps of life and what happens once you graduate. We share our personal real life stories with students about being bullies, being bullied, depression, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol use and how to overcome innlife. Throughout our team members we have encountered and overcome some of the harshest scenarios in life. Through our life experience and transparent presentations we hope to make a difference in students lives.

Detention Schools

Conflict Resolution Initiative

Suicide Prevention

Our detention school program is hard hitting and a very sincere cry out for change in the lives of students. Some of our team members have experienced being the outcast because of bad choices and being sent to detention or second chance schools and have the ability to speak to these students on a level ground. We encourage them to break out of the shell they have accepted as their identity and to go against the grain. They dont have to become what society says that they do or what their family says. They do not have to repeat mistakes their parents have made. They can accomplish anything and we will show them how.

This is our week long intensive. We select a high school in a city and work towards building an entire communities awareness of student related issues. We speak in every elementary and middle school that feeds that particular high school throughout the week and the high school itself on Thursday and Friday. We invite all of the students to come to a one of a kind presentation Friday night at the High School. We have a full team to present a night of feats of strength and personal stories to encourage students and parents alike. It is a FREE event for all students and parents. Friday during the event we have an opportunity for students and parents to sign up for workshop classes on saturday . We have workshops for students and parents on depression, self esteem, bullying, leadership character (Students and Parents seperately) ect.. We then have a big celebratory event Saturday night at the High School again for one last encouraging night. This week of events is sure to empower an entire community.

Every 30 seconds a teenager commits suicide across the world. This is unacceptable and needs to be adressed. Most people in life have been affected by a suicide in one way or another. A friend, family member or even a brother or sister. Our suicide prevention weekends are designed to open a door for a community to get the help they need. We partner with local professional counselors to open their doors for a free session of counseling either individual or family. We speak in schools all week and on Saturday have a FREE counseling day for the communities students and parents. The reality is that even one meeting and one session can lower the risk of suicide up to 85%. This program is designes to attach the root of depression not just telling kids to toughen up.




Creating Sons And Daughters

Our team believes in the principle of creating sons and daughters and doing away with the orphan mentality. If we treat students as if they were our sons and daughters and cared for them in the same way, most student issues would be no more. Knowing that you are cared for and appreciated weather you are succeeding or not is vital to the growth and development of students today, With the media showing students that they are not good enough, skinny enough, smart enough or good looking enough to be successful we have to take it into our own hands to create atmospheres where they can flourish in who they are. We will help set boundaries and realistic expectations for students to empower and uplift them. If we come together and create more sons and daughters the school system as a whole will grow beyond its wildest expectations.

We have Assemblies For:


Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Detention and Second Chance Schools

Juvenile Detention Centers

Leadership Academies

Summer Camps

Teacher & Parents Conferences

Teacher Leadership Development


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